SRM University, Sonepat, Haryana is the special creation of SRM Educational Group towards World Class Infrastructure and Academic Ambience that will shape and mold the future of India with high quality of learning. Learning is an enjoyable experience here, with experienced faculty, inspiring libraries and stimulating discussion rooms, large playgrounds and state-of-the-art labs.
Our community have over 20,000 students and 1,500 staff spreading over five campus in India. Our Computer Science Department is designed in such a manner that the computer science program orients students toward the pragmatic aspects of computer science and provides the learning and practices to make them proficient computing professionals. Career Expo 2.0 is the main club of organisers and the leaders from Computer Science and Engineering Department who all are playing an important role for our organisation and will be a great opportunity for businesses organizations/Events to find their prospective employees in the participating students.

Why Come ?



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1. CID
2. Tech Hunt
3. Bass Battle
4. Smartphone Film Festival
5. Selfie Contest
6. Best Musically
7. TedX Talks
8. Hackathon
(B)Main Attraction
1. Stand Up Comedy


Career Expo 2.0

This fair would give potential candidates the chance to have interaction with employers who are well versed in their area of expertise for years. One of the benefits of participating in The Career Expo 2.0 is that it’ll give the participating university students an access to large pools of Events, it’ll allow recruiters to meet potential candidates in person from the very beginning, which can cut down time wasted lining up for interviews for qualified candidates. Career Expo 2.0 would also give Events the opportunity to connect with young workers early on, before our best candidates go out into the broader job market and accept jobs.


Digital Akhada 2.0

● Overwhelmed by the amount of positive response and participation we received the previous time, CLUB 1O1 is back again with their second instalment of the Inter-College Digital Gaming Event in the form of Digital Akhada 2.0
● This time our aim is to make the event even bigger and better, with a higher level of standard and expertise.
● The idea is to lighten up the students by a series of competitive tournament duels of various Digital gaming events and simultaneously improve their problem-solving skills, processing speed, memory power and one’s ability to multitask


Digital Akhada 2.0

C.O.D. 4



C.S. 1.6



Reach Us

Digital Akhada 2.0- 10AM to 07PM
For any query reach out to us at- club101srm@gmail.com

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